pampers size 3

Pampers Size 3 for baby Weight 16 – 28 lbs (7-13 kg)

Pampers Size 3 Luxury for Your Babies

Pampers Size 3 for the transition of infancy and toddler from about 5 months to 2 years. Pampers are my favorite brand by Procter & Gamble as it caters to all the needs of a baby from a comfortable night to a delightful day. It has given a wide range of sizes to its consumers so they can select the sizes which vary with the growth of their baby.

Pampers size 3
are sold as Cruisers and also Baby Dry the best choice for your growing child as it’s comfortable, 3 layered and flexible design is created to fit your child with great luxury. It keeps your baby dry for the whole night so an uninterrupted sleep is possible for you and your baby.

The Pampers Cruisers size 3 is one of the amazing baby diapers available in the market. This diaper is being manufactured with a number of features. One of the special features of this diaper is its 3-way fitting feature. This feature allows the diaper to fit in the baby’s waist perfectly. Another important feature of this diaper is its 12 hour leakage protection feature. To the parents, this diaper is very much popular as it is extra soft to wear. The sesame graphics on the diaper is really very attractive. Various sizes of this diaper are available in the market and the size 3 is considered as the best of all.

Pampers Baby Dry size 3 is one of those diapers which are very much popular with the parents. This diaper is extra soft and for this reason, choosing this diaper for the babies would be an ideal decision for the parents. The three layers of this diaper are able to absorb extra wetness which a traditional diaper couldn’t do. And one diaper is able to remain in a good condition for about 12 hours. So, using this diaper at night is really effective. This diaper is flexible and for this reason it can offer a comfortable fitting to the baby.

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